Supporting Our Military

From Tunnel Rats to Cenerals they all relied on Fulton Flashlights

Supporting Our Military

From Tunnel Rats to Generals they all relied on Fulton Flashlights

American-made for America’s military

For more than eight decades – in times of war and in times of peace – Fulton flashlights have been with our troops every step of the way.

The MX-991/U Flashlight (also known as the GI Flashlight) is a right angle-headed model originally manufactured by Fulton Industries for the U.S. Army. Its lightweight, plastic design was deemed a success in the field.

“The Defense Department was looking for a lightweight, right-angle flashlight that would be lighter and easier for soldiers to carry into battle. Fulton Industries manufactured that first flashlight right here at our plant in Wauseon, Ohio, and it remains the same durable flashlight that’s still issued today to every American service member,” said Jim Bauman, V.P. Sales.

“It’s a legacy we’re proud to continue.”

The right-angled flashlight is now used by all branches of the military. The switch features three settings: Off, Signal, and On. When the switch is set to Signal, the user can press and hold a button located just above the switch for momentary operation of the bulb. This allows users to signal using Morse Code. Five colored lenses housed in the tail cap enable service members to send signals using different colors to preserve night vision.

Today, Fulton remains the only U.S. military contractor for the GI Flashlight and we continue taking our duty seriously.

WWII , Korea , Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq or any other hotspot you will find us there

From the Tunnel Rats of the Viet Nam War to General Moore who wrote the book  “We Were Soldiers Once … and Young,” to our troops who are on active duty today, they’ve all carried a Fulton Flashlight.